Back at it

It has been a while since I regularly darkened the doorway of a gym. When I started working at the plastics factory I had been going to the gym almost daily. I was pretty strong, starting my preacher curl drop sets at 100 kilos.

12 hour shifts and life getting weird and moving away from the gym I really liked and and and I quit working out regularly.

Almost 6 years later and a new job with lots of travel all over the place. I am not a drinker and am not particularly social. Working out is, for me, a solitary recreation that is good for me.

So, while I am away from home visiting my mom, I went ahead and rejoined Planet Fitness. I’ve been in several of them, they’re clean, the equipment is in good condition, and they’re all over the place.

So now I am going to try and shift some weight around, maybe put on 20 (or more) lbs of muscle, and stay out of trouble while away.

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