Merlin’s adventure today

It had been a while since Merlin had an adventure. He gets all excited and then is a handful so the other 2 dogs get to go more often than he does.

This doesn’t mean he is not a good boy, indeed he’s a great dog, just excitable.

We went to Randolph Park, not far but has open spaces and woods trails, disc golf, a water park, ball fields of all types. Really, Pulaski County does have it going on!

He ran, and ran, and then he ran some more. Since he’s so excitable, he’s always on a leash so he runs in circles. He ran for about 5 minutes nonstop. That’s more running than I am inclined to do.

All of a sudden he let out a small yelp and lifted his left rear leg off the ground. I checked his foot, nothing there, felt up his leg, nothing out of the ordinary. Found a hot spot on his hip. A nice deep massage and he was much better.

Figured the best thing to do was to let him walk it off, so we strolled through the woods nice and slow.

Since dogs perceive the world mostly through their noses we stopped to check out all the interesting smells along the way. took quite a while to do the tour de woods but we didn’t mind.

After a while he told me he’d had enough perambulating and would really like a taco. Tacos it was and Merlin really likes tacos!

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