Happy Thanksgiving

So here I am at work on Thanksgiving.  Many people would be unhappy about working today.

My take on this is I get to work on things I know need work but are not important in the eyes of the powers that be.  Until they don’t work any more.  We don’t have spares of them, and it takes at least a week or so to get one.

There’s nothing complicated, it’s just straightening and gusseting parts that aren’t made to be pushed on.  Checking common wear points and ensuring the pieces that are supposed to move do, and the ones that aren’t, don’t.

I also have to make sure that all of the forklifts get put on the chargers so they will be ready to go when the plant starts back up in a couple days.

And I have to walk around the buildings and make sure that they’re not burning down. The nice thing about being a certified forklift operator is I don’t have to walk much because I can drive the forklifts instead.

Plus it being a holiday I’m getting paid holiday pay plus my regular pay so that’s an added good thing. I will trade a day that I was supposed to work anyways for extra money the ability to work on something I like to work on and be able to do it unmolested. I believe that to be a win for me all the way around.

So Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and while you’re digging into that turkey and stuffing and taters think of your friendly Mad Uncle Dave and give me a smile

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