Morning would

In the mornings before I leave for work, I take the dogs out for a while before they spend the day cooped up in the house. While they are doing dog stuff I tend to look up at the sky checking out the stars now that the days are shorter.

The constellation Orion is very easy to spot, and is known as a winter resident of the night time sky.

Orion is now in the morning sky ahead of sunrise. It always makes me a little bit sad because seeing Orion means that soon I will have days where I won’t see the sun except for maybe a total of 5 minutes when I take breaks at work and have to go outside to get to the break room.

Not a fan of winter though Virginia doesn’t get real winters like we had when I was a lad in New York state near the Canadian border.

We will make it through the winter, not complaining about the cold because in six months summer will be back with the 90+ degree days.

Each has it’s downfalls and pluses, so there’s no sense in complaining about the weather each season brings. Better to enjoy what each offers and look forward to enjoying what the next will bring.

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