Worried mind

I had been concerned about #2 hive for a week or so. It started out as my strongest and just hasn’t looked like it’s booming self.Even though Kim wasn’t here to help me with moving stuff and being the extra hands I wasn’t born with, it is a nice enough day to go in for a look.The plan was to take the feeder off, look through all the boxes for signs of a strong queen, put a queen excluder on above the 2 big boxes, and give them frames and foundation to put honey in.There were many bees in the feeder which is not what is supposed to happen. I took it off and dumped it out into the grass away from the hives cut off the lovely burr comb they had been building and set it aside.Smoked the next box down and pulled most of the frames to see what the ladies had been up to. I saw eggs, uncapped brood, and capped brood as well, with a beautiful laying pattern. Enough to tell me that her majesty is alive and well and doing a great job.There was a heavy frame of honey in this box as well. I gave it back.Next box had drawn comb in all the frames. More nice brood pattern and lots of brood. Couple more frames of honey too also.I saw what I needed to see so I put it all back together and apologized for the disturbance.

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