Ups n Downs

Today was a mostly great day.  Got to sleep in a bit.  It was overcast but warm.  Perfect day to paint the chairs for Kim’s clinic.  We had cleaned them yesterday so they would be ready for paint today. 

Did a minor Walmarting for last minute tarp and banana for the bunny.  Dragged out the paint sprayer, laid out the tarp, and went to town.  It’s been a while since I’ve sprayed anything.  I was a technical service representative for a chemical manufacturer that made polyurethane spray foam for roofing, insulation, and many other things.  Got to be a pretty good sprayer.

Sprayed a few chairs, showing Kim how then we took turns spraying.  My lovely wife picked up spraying quickly.  Was an eye opener for her.  Kim likes to paint but had never sprayed before.

I received something I had ordered  back in September.  I of items was right.  Pretty much right on as far as the message I want uninvited visitors to get.

After all the good things about today how could anything bum me out?  Try a wastewater fountain in the basement.  There was a clog in the pipeline.  The sump pump kept cycling, and the vent pipe was where the fluid was escaping to splash on the floor to run back to the sump pump, repeat often.   Many dollars later the plumber left.

Kim made a very tasty curry so in all today was a win.

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