False economy

I went grocery shopping today. I look around at various cuts of meat and try to decide what I could do with them and then I will plan other meals around them. As I was looking at the various items I decided that I was going to buy a prime rib.

At first you would think that’s a lot of money. But I submit the following. I will get seven meals out of a five pound prime rib. Since the prime rib was less than $50 , seven meals for $50 is much cheaper than McDonald’s, 7 Big Mac meals large with extras.

Consider the health benefits of cooking at home.  I use coconut oil when I fry.  Veggies instead of fries. 

  I don’t drink much soda, and when I do it’s made with cane sugar not high fructose corn syrup.

I can show you studies showing the correlation between the stabilization of HFCS and the beginning of the obesity of America.

So a week’s worth of lunch or supper, more since I will space the rib out amongst other things, for less than $50 really isn’t a bad deal.

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