4-19-20 inspection

Since the last inspection I added a couple more hives. You may recall that at the last inspection I made 3 splits from the 2 existing hives.

The splits are doing well, one queen hasn’t been laying much brood but I will see how she is doing at the next inspection.

The 2 new hives are from packages I bought through the beekeepers club. They arrived last Sunday but the weather was not good enough to install them after work. I put them in Monday, leaving the Queens in the cages. Put feeders on even though they had drawn comb to get them started.

I started at hive 7, a split from hive 1.  There was brood and larvae and they were putting up groceries.  The queen made an appearance, she is most lovely with her stylish blue dot.

Hive 6 was a split from hive2, things were a mirror of hive 7. Not as much brood but still acceptable.

Hive 5 was a package, the queen made it out of the cage and was also laying ok.

Hive 4 is queen less. Will have to replace her soon.

Hive 3 is doing well for an afterthought split from hive 1. Larvae and eggs spotted. Will have to add another box.

Hive 2 is doing well no troubles in there.

Hive 1 is still too aggressive. The queen is still a prolific layer of eggs and they have already filled most of a honey super. This queen is still the reigning champion of hide and seek. Making the splits out of this hive was the right thing to do, I found no swarm or supersession cells. I was actually hoping to find one that I could have put in hive 4. Oh well. By

Buttoned everything up, carried the stuff back to the house. Went in and took the suit off. Turns out that there were several hitch hikers on the suit and they were not happy in my house, preferring to be in their own home. They let me know this by stinging me several times. One EpiPen misfired and after waiting to see if one was enough I write this from the local hospital. No worries.

Anyone have a couple queens for sale?

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