One of the things about an eclectic life is one gets exposed to many different things. While in the Cast Guard i brought an airplane flight navigating tool onto a ship I was on and used it to calculate set and drift (the effects of wind, current, and ship characteristics) and what course/speed it would take to compensate for these effects. Since those above me did not understand it i got in trouble for using a tool that made my job much easier.

What does this have to do with bees?

I was thinking the other day about a tool i used to use to peer into the combustion chamber of motorcycles and VWs I worked on to give me an idea of the condition of the cylinder and piston. It’s called an borescope, or endoscope. Basically a camera on the end of a flexible shaft. If it works in engines and up people’s butts, it should certainly work inside a beehive.

Of course an engine doesn’t care, and people are usually asleep. Bees get pissed off when you shove a camera on a flexible shaft into the hive. Controlling the view direction of a cheap-o borescope is hit-n-miss at best, and the bees don;t much like it.

I got this poor quality video and a sting on my leg for my efforts.

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